Case Studies

Case Studies

London Borough of Sutton

Carried out between November 2014 and February 2015, Local Green Points delivered reusable recycling bags to 33,000 purpose built flats across the Borough as well as information on their correct usage. The team collected residents’ feedback about their recycling services and used this information to make recommendations for improvements. The project was completed on time and within budget.

London Green Points - Bexley

Launched in 2011, this scheme for the London Borough of Bexley aims to reduce residual waste sent for disposal and increase recycling for all Bexley’s 17,000 purpose-built flats. Despite a transient population for flats with a recycling rate that lags behind Bexley’s houses and a high level of fly tipping, this scheme has got over 30% of flats signed up and is delivering tonnage and other improvements.

London Green Points - Havering

Introduced in 2014, this scheme was the first borough-wide waste incentivisation scheme in London, covering all 102,000 households in Havering. Focused on waste minimisation, the scheme not only rewards households on a community basis for decreasing waste tonnages but also for participating in waste minimisation activities such as free cookery workshops, home compost bins and real nappies.

Tower Hamlets Community Points

Introduced to the St George's Estate in Tower Hamlets in April 2015, this pilot project is focused on motivating residents to compost their food waste using a new community composting system, and to dispose of cooking oil correctly. Residents, who can also earn points for dry recycling, compete with their neighbours to compost the most so as to win donations for local schools and community projects.

Measuring Reward Scheme Impact

Measuring the impact of recycling reward schemes is not an exact science. Local Green Points has pioneered the waste round approach, aggregating tonnages into ‘communities’ of waste rounds, and since our first scheme launched in Bexley in 2011 we have developed systems and processes to help councils understand the impact of a scheme, including how external factors are taken into account.

Supporting Local Businesses

Café Bueno, located in Romford town centre, has been a partner of the London Green Point – Havering scheme since launch in January 2014. Café owner Murat Sahin has seen his business’ involvement in the scheme lead to an increased number of visitors as well as some prominent local press coverage, and through his café he has been able to help promote the scheme to his customers.