Congratulations to our army of Bin Slimmers!

Today we’re celebrating the news that our campaign with Warwickshire County Council, called Slim Your Bin, has been nominated for a prestigious National Recycling Award!

What is ‘Slim Your Bin’?
This campaign launched in 2016 and encourages residents from across Warwickshire’s five Boroughs and Districts to reduce their waste and become ‘Bin Slimmers’.
The Slim Your Bin campaign delivers recycling guidance alongside the online platform and app; an ongoing communications campaign; gamification in the style of performance leader boards; competition between communities and individuals; and incentives in the form of community and individual rewards. This combination works to create ongoing momentum in the campaign and embed lasting positive change around household waste and recycling.
On a weekly basis 45% of ...
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Tis the season, to recycle!

We certainly don't want your recycling efforts so far to go to waste this Christmas (no pun intended!). With the UK creating 30 per cent more waste than usual, including two million turkeys and six million Christmas trees, there really is true cost to our festive luxuries.

Wrapping, decorations and packaging
Take wrapping paper for example – 227,000 miles is thrown away every year – that’s enough to cover Big Ben almost 260,000 times! Although a fun finishing touch to our festive presents, it is designed for single use only and is often made from plastic, foil and glitter so isn’t always recyclable. 
So give the 'scrunch test' a go - scrunch it in a ball and if it stays together then it can be recycled, if it bounces back then it can't! Watch out for glitter, tape and embellishments as these often make things non-recyclable. Even better, get creative and get reusing! Opt for brown ...
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Drowning in packaging, and we want change!

Results from a recent survey into consumer attitudes towards packaging have just been released, and it shows there’s a growing demand for sustainable packaging. The survey was completed by over 7,000 people from different European countries, including the UK, France, and Spain, and shows an insight into our views on sustainable packaging, recycling, and other green related policies.

The survey highlights that people are demanding more eco-friendly alternatives to food packaging. The results show that the vast majority of British consumers want more information about the sustainability of packaging, with 9 in 10 British consumers wanting all packaging to be recyclable. 68% of UK shoppers said that their purchasing choices are influenced by packaging, with more people opting for cardboard over plastic packaging for the same product. These are significant results, and statistics like these should urge companies to modify their ...
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Stay safe, stay green for Bonfire night

Bonfire night is quickly approaching, and now is the time to think about how your bonfire night activities can be more eco-conscious this year.

Bonfire fun
Bonfires are great for setting the atmosphere for a magical bonfire night. However, the smoke and noise pollution from bonfires and fireworks are a big issue. Some studies suggest that air pollution is highest on Bonfire night, with pollution levels being reportedly four times higher on Bonfire night than the year-round average.
If you do decide to have a bonfire, be sure to only burn dry natural materials, such as un-treated wood and garden waste. Avoid burning plastic, rubber, and other synthetic items, as these produce toxic pollutants that can harm your health and the environment. For more information about what is safe to burn and what to avoid, click here!
Instead of burning your plastics, which releases ...
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Have an eco-friendly Halloween!

We’re speeding through October, and Halloween is just around the corner. Get your pumpkins carved, your costumes sorted, and your sweet treats ready. Here we have a few tips on how to be conscious about your waste this Halloween.

Get creative with your costumes
Dressing up on Halloween can be great fun for all ages, and now is the time to get your creative hats on and think about your outfits. Whether you’re dressing up as a pirate, ghost, or even your favourite super hero, there are many ways you can make your Halloween eco-friendly. Reusing old costumes and swapping them between friends is a great way to avoid buying a new outfit each year. To take it one step further, why not try making your costume from things you already have around the house? From using the fabric of old clothes and rags, to creating props from your waste cardboard, there are many ways to give your waste a second life, Halloween style! For ...
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Recycle Week is back for 2018!

Recycle Week’s annual campaign, organised by WRAP, will be running from Monday 24th to Sunday 30th September. This year marks the campaign's 15th year, and is set to be one to remember. Themed ‘Recycling. We do. Because it matters’, the campaign will be focusing on plastics, aiming to highlight the benefits of recycling and encourage people to recycle more. WRAP is calling on all organisations, businesses and individuals to get involved during the week. It’s a perfect opportunity for all our LGP residents to get on board and ramp up their recycling.

Take a look at the Recycle Week video and get inspired!

Why should you recycle?
Recycling is vital if we want to protect our environment for future generations to enjoy. Landfill is not a sustainable option for our waste disposal – it releases harmful chemicals into the environment, takes up a huge amount ...
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Over the last year, we’ve seen a shift in the news to a focus on waste, and rightly so. Our overconsumption of resources and throwaway culture has led us into a crisis – one that’s made of coffee cups, plastic bags and straws!

Plastic is a worsening environmental problem due to the material’s inability to decompose and its ever increasing presence in marine ecosystems. It’s poisoning our oceans, food and water supplies, and causing devastating impacts on wildlife as well as human wellbeing. We’re sure you’ve heard some shocking facts about plastic pollution, but did you know that nearly two million single-use plastic bags are distributed worldwide every minute? 
To raise awareness and encourage householders to minimise their waste, we saw last week’s international online campaign Zero Waste Week take off. With a global reach of 56 million, the ...
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What the hot weather means for your garden waste and why you should start recycling it again

After a baking hot few weeks, London’s green spaces haven’t been looking so green. With low levels of rainfall and the longest summer heatwave since 1976, gardens are looking scorched!

Garden waste volumes have decreased following the dry spell and we’ve heard from our local authority partners how tough the last few weeks have been for garden waste recycling. As the weather gets back to normal and your garden springs back into life, we want to remind you to recycle your garden waste by home composting or using a local authority garden waste collection service. To find out what services are available to you, please contact your local council.
To help the London Borough of Bexley reach their garden waste recycling targets, our Community and Outreach Team have been busy running a door to door engagement campaign in the borough. Our friendly door stepping team will be working hard for six weeks encouraging residents to sign up ...
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Where does your recycling really end up?

Yesterday, we heard concerns from the National Audit Office that a significant amount of items recycled in the UK could in fact end up in landfill abroad.

“Most people are unaware that most of our recycling goes abroad,” said Mary Creagh, chair of the Environmental Audit Committee of MPs.
In the UK we do not have the infrastructure to handle all our recycling so some of it is distributed to other countries to be treated. This means some of our recycling could end up in landfill without us knowing, but does not take away from the fact that a lot of recycling is still processed correctly overseas.    
It is also important to highlight that a lot of the UK’s recycling is in fact processed in the UK and that you can find out, through your local council where your recycling really ends up.
For example, in several London Boroughs, including Hackney, ...
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Will you have a Plastic-free July?

It’s summer and it’s definitely hot out there – which means lots of us will be sipping ice cold drinks through plastic straws, grabbing plastic bottles of cold water on the go and picking up disposable cutlery or items packaged in plastic for picnics outside.

In other words, there are a lot of single use plastic items that have become routine to use, but that you can easily take steps to avoid. This month is Plastic Free July, a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of ending our reliance on plastics, which has millions of participants across more than 150 countries worldwide today. Keep reading to find out what you can do to avoid plastics this July.  
Why refuse plastics?
Plastics do not ever fully biodegrade and as we’ve seen from documentaries such as Blue Planet II and media coverage of divers swimming in plastic polluted seas – this plastic is ...
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