A Radical Policy change is required to get the UK to its 50% target by 2020

Last week, it became clear that a radical policy change will be needed for the UK to hit its household recycling target of 50% by 2020.

Figures from the end of December 2016 show a 0.6% decline from 2014’s peak of 44.8% to 44.2% at the end of 2016. These figures reveal a worrying trend that current household recycling rates in England have stagnated at under 45% and are a long way off our 2020 target.

So what’s holding us back?
“A clear national strategy to end stalling rates of recycling is still required,” said waste firm SUEZ’s chief executive David Palmer-Jones. “To increase household recycling rates, Government needs to integrate waste and recycling planning into a modern Industrial Strategy which values the things we throw away as raw materials for manufacturing, and as an energy resource.”
At Local Green Points we know one of the key barriers to recycling ...
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It’s Black Friday – the day of the year where we all lose our heads at the sight of a sale sign and rush to buy more things we don’t need. Even worse for those of us sat at out computer screens, we’re inundated with emails and pop ups as every businesses under the sun tries to sell us this, that and the other.

Whilst we all love a good deal on our favourite products, the environmental impacts of Black Friday are undoubtedly quite serious and it is up to us to be responsible consumers while bargain hunting.

So we’ve come up with a list of easy things you can do to make sure you aren’t contributing to the vast amounts of waste being sent to landfill when you buy today and over the Black Friday weekend

1.) Buy refurbished electronics


Electronic waste is predicted to reach 65.4 million tons ...

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Fancy a two night staycation at the historic site of Gunpowder plotters?

BBC drama, Gunpowder, has caught the attention of 17th century history enthusiasts and period drama lovers around the country.
The three part drama, released to overlap with bonfire night this weekend, follows the story of Robert Catesby, a 33-year-old Warwickshire gentleman, as he devises a plot to blow up Parliament and kill the King.
Left to right: Gunpowder plotters Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby and Thomas Winter
Particularly interesting for Warwickshire residents is the setting for the drama, which is partly based in Warwickshire County.  Central to the Gunpowder plot was Warwickshire’s Coombe Abbey, now known as the Coombe Abbey Hotel. In 1605 Coombe Abbey was not the luxury hotel it is today, but instead belonged to Baron John Harrington of ...
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Camden Recycling Rewards motivates residents to recycle 10% more than last year

Thanks to our Local Green Points scheme, Camden Recycling Rewards, residents in the London Borough of Camden are recycling 10% more of their household items that they did last year.

Since its launch in October 2016, the scheme has been rewarding residents in the London Borough of Camden for recycling more and producing less household waste. Residents are rewarded with Green Points for reporting their weekly recycling and taking part in online activities such as making the switch to using real nappies, or taking part in local reuse events and workshops.

Waste tonnages are also measured and points awarded to communities when the amount wasted decreases and the amount recycled increases.
Monthly voucher prizes are awarded to individuals who earn the most Green Points and just for signing up, every resident receives a discount card that they can use to redeem exclusive discounts and special offers at participating local businesses.
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The hunt is on… for Warwickshire’s Recycling Champion of the Year

We’ve launched an exciting new contest for residents of Warwickshire County Council: Warwickshire’s Recycling Champion of the Year 2018. 

We’ve teamed up with Warwickshire Waste Partnership, to deliver the contest to residents in Warwickshire’s five districts and boroughs: Warwick, Stratford-on-Avon District, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough, Rugby Borough and North Warwickshire Borough.
The contest will engage residents in recycling more of their everyday household items and will be a fantastic opportunity to recognise and reward local recycling champions. There are plenty of prizes up for grabs for top recyclers, including a two night staycation in the luxury Lady Craven Suite at the Coombe Abbey hotel, provided by Shakespeare’s ...
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Recycling is worth it – and we can all do our bit!

This year’s Recycle Week has been a fantastic reminder of how recycling really is worth it! Your everyday household items can come back around as brand new products…but only if you remember to recycle them.

With this is mind we’ve brought you some of our insights into what some of the most common recycling mistakes are and how you can avoid them! 

Bathroom Blunders


It turns out that while many of us are enthusiastic recyclers in the kitchen, our inner eco-warrior tends to disappear pretty quickly in the bathroom. According to a recent Recycle Now poll, almost 90% of people regularly recycle from the kitchen, but only 52% say they regularly recycle from the bathroom. Once we are separated from our kitchen recycling bins, laziness kicks in and we are much less likely to make the effort to carry ...
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Recycle Week 2017 is here!

This week sees the launch of Recycle Week 2017. The annual UK-wide campaign is taking place all week from Monday 25 September to Sunday 1 October.

This year’s theme ‘Recycling – it’s worth it!’ will use online videos and infographics to show the public that making the effort to recycle is environmentally and economically worth the time and effort.
The sub-theme ‘What goes around comes around’ will also be a core message being circulated in this week as part of the campaign, with videos featuring positive recycling feedback loops for everyday household items, from potatoes to shampoo bottles.
This year’s campaign will also raise awareness of items that can be recycled from all around the house, such as bathroom items which are often neglected. According to a recent Recycle Now poll, almost 90% of people claim to ...
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Charities, Challenges and Recycling Champions – a summer update from the team at Local Green Points

It’s been a really busy summer for us here Local Green Points, with plenty of highlights to share with you -  including the launch of our Food Waste challenge, door to door campaigns, charity cheque presentations, and new partners we’re excited to start working with.

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been up to over the past few months…
The Food Waste Challenge is live!
Our Food Waste Challenge is well and truly launched! The London Borough of Havering and the Borough of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk are the first of our Local Green Points schemes to launch the innovative online platform, which asks residents to make pledges based on the five food waste ‘themes’ identified by WRAP and offers tools and guidance to help them cut down their food waste. The Food Waste Challenge will also be launching in the London Boroughs of Camden and Waltham ...
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How to improve Community Recycling Rates - Bradley’s guide to a successful Door to Door campaign


Door to door campaigns are an excellent way to launch a recycling campaign and deliver key information to hard to reach target audiences.
Here at Local Green Points we are no stranger to door to door engagement campaigns, having canvassed over 600,000 households to date for our council clients.
So what makes a door to door recycling campaign successful?
Our Community and Outreach Manager, Bradley, shares some of his top tips for running and managing a successful campaign:
1)      Determine your area
A successful door to door campaign has a well-established target area and a well-planned strategy for reaching all households. Route-planning beforehand is therefore essential and makes the ...
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The Community Reuse Revolution – a look at the community organisations helping us save money and prevent waste

A new house mate joined our flat last month, and among the belongings he brought with him was a Phillips sound system from the 70s. It had been his grandad’s, his dad’s and now it belongs to him – and it still works perfectly.

It got me thinking about the saying, ‘they don’t make ‘em like they used to!’ and maybe there’s some truth in that. Nowadays we only keep a mobile phone for 2 years until we discard it for an upgrade, we give up easily when a device runs slow or gets damaged and the average person buys 3 new gadgets every year.

Is it really that surprising that electronic items are becoming the fastest growing waste stream in the UK? Over 1 million tonnes of our gadgets get binned every year.
The problem with wasting electronic items is that they contain valuable metals as well as plastics and other materials. These can be recovered through the recycling process but only about 30% ...
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